Yakkan Uzumaki
Yakkan Uzumaki
Biological Info
Name Yakkan Uzumaki
Race Human (Jinchuriki)
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs
Likes Friends, adventuring, and staying awake.
Dislikes His father, the ninja world, sleeping.
Controlled by Wikian
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 Yakkan Uzumaki is an 17 year old ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village. He is the Jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku. 


Yakkan Uzumaki was born to Hakumei Uzumaki and Hiruma Uzumaki. His father, Hakumei Uzumaki was the clan's leader, so Yakkan was born the heir and destined to take over one day. Yakkan's life started out pretty bad from the beginning, shortly after he was born. Yakkan's father, Hakumei, had to leave the village along with most of the ninja to fight in an ongoing war. Little did they know, some rogue ninja who had obtained the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku, were planning an attack. 

One night, when it was a full moon out, and the night Yakkan had just been born. Shukaku had attacked the village and taken everyone by surprise. People started panicking and tried to confront and seal the beast however rogue ninja managed to stop the clan members who tried to seal away and a battle broke out that tore the village apart. Hiruma, Yakkan's mother, was weakened due to giving birth to her son only a few hours ago. So when the rogue ninja broke into the hospital and Shukaku destroyed most of it she tried to protect herself and her son and hide until Hakumei and his fellow ninja returned. 

While hiding, Yakkan woke up and started crying, Shukaku heard the crying and found out where Hiruma and Yakkan were hiding and attacked them mercilessly. Hiruma, realizing she had no choice but to fight and knowing that she might die, actviated her chakra chains and temporarily restrained the beast and pinned him down. While doing so, plenty of rogue ninja noticed this and attacked Hiruma from behind, so she erected a chakra chains barrier around herself, Yakkan, and Shukaku while he was still pinned down. Hiruma was injured and exhausted and knew she couldn't maintain the barrier for long so she decided that she was going to seal Shukaku within herself and then kill herself to stop the beast for a while. But if she did that, who would protect Yakkan? 

While thinking about what she should do, some of the rogue ninja knew Flying Thunder God and could only use it together and had placed a seal on Shukaku. So they teleported inside of the barrier and fired multiple kunai at Hiruma taking her by surprise and impaling her all over. Hiruma, knowing that if she sealed the beast in herself and died, the rogue ninja would kill Yakkan, but if she sealed it inside of Yakkan they would most likely not harm him and he could survive. So as her barrier began to fade and the rogue ninja inside attacked her once more she retracted some of her chains from the barrier and used it to repel the rogue ninja. She then used the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style Seal on Yakkan to seal the pinned down Shukaku inside of him. Then, she used the rest of her chains to strengthen the barrier but to no avail she nearly ran out of chakra and it collasped. In the end, she used the last of her chakra to kill some of the rogue ninja before they managed to get close enough to her to kill her with a large kunai to the heart. 

Finally, after all this time, Hakumei and his ninja army had returned from the war at the last second and managed to quickly wipe out the rogue ninja and get to Yakkan before the rogue ninja could. The other villagers who were watching had informed Hakumei of what had happened so he knew that Yakkan was now the Jinchuriki of Shukaku. Hiruma was considered a hero of the village and had received a proper burial.

As the years went on, Hakumei had vigoriously trained Yakkan each and every day non-stop by putting him through extremely harsh and intense training regiments. This has caused Yakkan to hold a grudge against his father and dislike him because of it. As his father began to view him as more of a weapon and tool that the village could use instead of his actual son. His father had changed due to the death of his wife, the constant wars, and knowing the fact that his son had a demon inside of him had driven him insane and made him power-hungry. 

So one day, in his resentment of his father, due to being shunned by his fellow villagers, the constant never-ending wars, the inability to cope with Shukaku being inside of him, never getting to know his mother or even remember her, and just wanting to get more out of life period. Gave Yakkan motivation to run away from home and try to escape, while doing so, he came across a multiversal portal, not knowing what it is, Yakkan entered it and ended up here, in the Dragon Ball Universe. 


Yakkan's personality is hard to describe as it can change very frequently and it usually does. Yakkan is usually a jokester, he enjoys making fun of, teasing, and messing with people. He pretends to be a happy and upbeat person sometimes to hide the fact that he is suffering deep down inside. Yakkan also tends to be pessimistic, cynical, and flat-out demeaning sometimes. 

Due to him being Shukaku's Jinchuriki, Yakkan can literally never sleep as if he does, Shukaku will take completely control over him. His lack of sleep, has caused Yakkan to become mentally unstable and even sometimes a sociopath who lacks emotion but pretends he feels it just for the hell of it. Overall, Yakkan's personality tends to change quite often and it is difficult to understand what his true interest are and what he actually values and cares about. 


Due to being a member of the Uzumaki Clan, Yakkan possess their trademark red hair. He has fair skin, blue eyes, and wears basic shinobi clothing. He has a slightly tall and rather lean but muscular build, due to him being a skilled shinobi. His clothing is usually comprised of a dark blue kimono, a grey stripped shirt underneath, dark blue pants, white bandages along his legs and feet, and sandals. 

Aside from this, he carries a sand gourd attached by a strap on his back to carry all of his sand so that way he can always use it whenever he needs to. 



Desert Supension

Sand Bullet

Sand Clone

Sand Drizzle

Third Eye


Sand Binding Coffin


Abnormally Strong Life-Force, Incredible Longeivity, Great Recouperative Abilities, & Tailed Beast Level Chakra Reserves. 


Mind's Eye of Kagura (Can't use yet)

Jinchuriki Powers

Sand Manipulation

Wind Release (Can't use yet)

Magnet Release (Can't use yet)


Initial Jinchuriki Transformation


Sand Gourd



Paper Bombs

List of Fights

Totorak Attacks Arc

Relentless Assault Arc

  • Yakkan Uzumaki, Conner Uchiha, and Ian Uchiha vs. The Military, Lee Bruce, Various Ninja, and Totorak. 

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