Here, you will find an official list of ways to spot a noob. This list will be constantly updated.

Note: Feel free to add new categorized lists

Note: Do not remove someone else's contribution to the lists (Unless it's Nigel's edits)

Spotting the Average Noob

  1. they rarely use capitalization or punctuation
  2. They capitalize a Random letter in their Sentences
  3. They continuously break rules
  4. They are incapable of processing orders, especially ones with which they disagree, no matter how worthless it may be
  5. They leave their windows open while they are away from keyboard, even when they have underage siblings
  6. They Capitalize Every Word In Their Sentence For No Reason
  7. They stretch their wooooooooorrrrrdddsss and think its funny lol
  8. They also break very obvious rules because they think it is funny
  9. Why do they ask stupid questions?
  10. Their arguments always fail, and are pathetic and laughable
  11. They do not respect acronyms (i.e. tee)
  12. Their jokes are strange and idiotic
  13. They have incorrect grammar (i.e. "does you have a cookie")
  14. Some believe "Noob" is a heavily offensive swear or an insult
  15. They seem like they know about a show, but they won't answer questions about it.
  16. They ask for rights when it's against the rules.
  17. They use the incorrect form of you're and your.
  18. They say that they are not a noob.
  19. They spell words wrong.
  20. They threatened they'll contact staff to report a wiki.
  21. They think everyone is nice, even when they are being mean.
  22. They don't know how to use the reply button on blog posts
  24. They don't know how to take screenshots, so they take a picture of their computer screen with their camera.
  25. When they start spamming or vandalizing userpages/articles and blame it on their brother (even if they don't have a brother....)


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