Biological Info
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5'0
Weight 103 lbs
Current Location her apartment
Likes Cats, having sex, alcohol, spicy foods, that guy who smokes weed that she's been sexting/talking to lately but won't reveal his name, shopping, food
Dislikes fuckboys, snakes, spiders
Controlled by Melanie
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Vivian is a slender young women with short baby blue hair and red eyes. She has different outfits plus a bikini. Her main outfit is an academy uniform that she likes, even tho she dropped out that school but she thinks it looks cute on her. She's pretty short for her age so she just wears heels to feel taller but that ain't working. She has a cute ass dress but doesn't wear it much which is bs, and she wears slutty outfits to seduce that guy, and sometimes on a regular basis, slut af.


Vivian is a flirtatious girl. She is also funny, submissive and is outgoing. She may seem like a trampy hoe (in a way she is) but she likes helping other people, like she will help other people then and there but sometimes she can be a bitch at times, but people like being around her. She carries around a fan with her because she likes it obviously. She mostly hangs out with boys but lately she's been with girls, because shes gay af (loljk). She likes helping people boost their self-esteem, sometimes she will be straightforward because that's how much she cares.


She had a normal childhood I guess. She was rich af but her parents were strict. At the age of 14 she started acting like a slut and drinking alcohol and being rebellious. She dropped out of high school when she was a junior, mostly because she kept skipping and her grades were dropping so she just gave up. Obviously her parents were pissed af. Last year she moved out of the mansion and lives in a cozy ass apartment with her cat and she LOVES alcohol, like seriously.


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