Vino AA
Biological Info
Race Esper
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 31st, Age 729
Age 17
Height 6'0"
Current Location Earth
Likes Gaming, Sports, Sweet Things, Music, Food
Dislikes Just about everything else
Controlled by Josh
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Vino is a 17 year old esper with the ability to manipulate and generate unbreakable crystals and the ability to extract a person's void without the need of eye contact. He currently resides in a forest on Earth. He is the main role-play character of God (until another one comes along).


Vino suffers from SPD (split personality disorder). His personalities are distinctly different and interchange depending on the situation. After realizing this he decided to name them, his main personality is called Blood and the other Soul. Both however operate under the name Vino.


Blood is a very dis-likable person, he is very rude and loves to psychological torment people based on their anxieties and fears. He refuses to acknowledge the consequences of where his actions/words may take him, believing that he can either talk or battle his way out of any situation. Blood does not know how to read the mood often resulting in him making a horrific joke or ruining a set plan.

He is very arrogant having a superiority complex; he believes that he is the center of the world and that everything revolves around him. Blood often comments on how everyone is in his world and they they are all just figures constructed by his brain to keep him company. Because of this he believes he can never die which is what leads him into reckless actions or pointless battles.


Soul is the polar opposite to blood, he is very cool and calculated. Like Blood he is very skilled at reading a person's psyche and uses this to predict their actions and counter strategies. He is very caring towards the people he cares for and completely ruthless to those who oppose him or those who have hurt the people around him. Soul is a strategic/tactical genius capable of devising flawless plans and playing on the strengths of those around him.


Vino is a handsome young man with fair skin and a very strong muscular build. He reigns at 6'0" which gives him a height advantage against people who are too short or people who are too tall. Vino has short brown hair, which often covers one eye and crimson eyes. He wears a hooded red cloak over a completely black attire consisting of a tight t-shirt, pants, sneakers and fingerless gloves. He is the only "King" to not have a mark due to the fact his abilities stem from experiments.


Vino originates from a post-apocalyptic universe of political corruption and discrimination. He and his younger sister were taken from their parents an early age. Vino being 5 and Carol being 2 months old. As they were carried away Vino watched as his parents were slaughtered in front of him, he was too shocked to shed a tear. After this, both he and his sister experienced 12 years of experimentation. Pushed to his limits, Vino used his new found abilities as an Esper to break him and Carol out. After becoming wanted for mass murder he slipped through the portal unfortunately leaving his sister behind. He now resides in he current universe.


Vino is seen to have a variant of the Power of Kings. However he has also been shown to have the power over the crystals of the Apocalypse Virus, which he uses to kill his enemies.

  • Superhuman Strength- Vino has been seen to be able to lift and toss 5tons 3km in front of him.
  • Superhuman Speed- He can dodge bullets and out run fighter jets.
  • Superhuman Sight- Vino has been shown to be able to see 10km ahead.
  • Crystal Manipulation- Vino can generate and manipulate the inpenetrable crystals of the Apocolypse Virus granting him the ability to easily give someone the virus itself.
  • Void Genome- Vino's main ability is that he is able to extract a person's void without the need for eye contact, he can then store this void in himself to use later.


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