Vataki Exprosa (FC88) is a human that was experimented on, giving him insanely strong strength and speed.


Vataki Exprosa has black, spiky hair coming down the sides of his head. His eyes are pure turquoise (formally brown) because Genigeal infused his eyes with blue and green energy. He usually wears armor that he stole from Genigeal's lab, and also carries the sword he took from there too.


Before the mutation, Vataki was a calm and smart detective who refused to solve easy cases. After the mutation, however, he is an impatient and powerful hero who is very loyal. This is because Genigeal infused his body and mind with red energy (energy of insanity and rage). In his different forms, however, he gains different personalities. In RED form, he loses all his sanity and attacks with no reason. This is his most unstable form. In BLUE form, he loses lots of his raw power but regains his smart mind, and some abilities. In BLACK mode, he gains strength and wit together, along with sheer power and abilities.

Past Life

He used to be a very smart detective, until he went missing in one of his cases. An evil doctor named "Genigeal" obsessed with mutation captured Vataki and experimented on him. He gave Vataki the name "FC88" while he was being worked on. Eventually, Vataki gained enough power to break out and kill Genigeal. As he escaped, he grabbed one of Genigeal's swords and took it with him.



In RED form, he loses all of his sanity and attacks with no reason. Vataki hates this form because he describes it as "somebody else controlling him". He gains lots of sheer power and pure strength in this form.[[Category:Approv

Vataki Exprosa


Race Human/Mutant
Gender Male
Weight Unknown
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Detective (formally)
Likes Smart people, Hard cases
Dislikes Getting bored, Dumb people, Easy cases, Genigeal
Controlled By Final Chidori

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