Biological Info
Race Human I think
Gender F ♀
Age 21
Height 5'6
Weight 120 lbs
Current Location Ur mum's pussy
Likes Ass, her boyfriend, rabbits, piano, singing, drawing
Dislikes Idiots and idiotic things
Controlled by Vander
[v · t  ]


Vander has white hair that goes about to her waist. She has bicolored eyes, one green and one red. Vander wears various kinds of clothes, usually long-sleeved shit and shorts/panties because pants need to die.


Her personailty mostly consists of sarcasm, but she has a sweeter side when you get closer to her. Vander can be pessimistic, but makes up for it with trying her best either way.


Popped out mi mums viagra and fucked bitches. tVander grew up mostly around her aunt and uncle, since her parents extreme alcoholics, which they both are dead now. Since she didn't know them, she doesn't care too much, and swears if she ever were a mother that she would love them more than they loved alcohol. Vander's now 22 and still loves her aunt and uncle as much as ever, and is a free spirit.


  • Yermum (shes a kind lady with a busted pussy)
  • Bae (ily)


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