Toy Kingdom is a toy store that parents can buy toys for their children. Toy Kingdom was Miricle's favorite toy store as a kid. The store sells many toys. Toy Kingdom is located in some parts of Central City mall. The store is also worked together with Babymania.


The store is very popular because of the kids wanting to go the store 24/7. Toy Kingdom is not that very big in the inside, but it's a fun place to go. Toy Kingdom has lots of toys you can choose from. It even has a little area where you can play with the toys you bought. 


  • Dolls
  • Action Figures
  • Play Dough
  • Doll Houses
  • Dressup costumes
  • Building blocks
  • Tea party sets
  • Boucing balls
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Toy trains
  • Toy cars
  • Board Games
  • Train sets
  • Army toys
  • Play toy food
  • Play kitchen
  • Play cars
  • Video games
  • TV's
  • Headphones 



  • Miricle was in a commerical when she was younger.
  • Miricle still goes to the store sometimes. 
Miricle commerical

Miricle in a commerical when she was younger.