Adult Totorak
Biological Info
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 16th, Age 731
Age 17
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Current Location Earth
Likes Fighting, Training, Destruction, Food
Dislikes Losing, Weakness
Controlled by Maroyasha
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 Totorak is a Saiyan who is 17 years old. He is the main RP character of Maroyasha.


Totorak was born to two low class Saiyans. His father traind him since the day he turned 4. He always tried to be the best, but was always beaten by the kids around him. His dream is to one day fulfill the legend of the Super Saiyan. He was off planet on his first mission when he heard about Planet Vegeta. He couldn't believe what had happened. Both his parents were gone. But instead of sadness, he was filled with a sense of joy. He now had a reason to keep trying. If he could not become a Super Saiyan then he would let down his parents. Hearing of Earth, and hearing about its extremely strong guardian he decided to head there.

Arrival On Earth

Totorak finally arrived on Earth, only to be surprised by how weak the humans are. He was even more surprised when two of them challenged him. Totorak killed half the gathered humans, and then a fight ensued. During the fight Totorak had his arm broken, only making him angrier and more powerful. He brought Yakkan to the brink of death. Thus making the demon in Yakkan come out, making him more powerful. Conner did the exact same and they both pummeled Totorak. Now helpless and unable to move, Totorak requested they kill him on his feet. But neither one would kill him, no matter how much he antagonized. They then kicked him to the ground and left him to die. Bleeding out and slowly dying, Totorak began to crawl to his ship. Eventually making it there, but passing out due to blood loss.


After the government attacked Totorak and the others he returned the next day. While looking through the wreckage of Christel's house Ian confronted him. The two engaged in a long battle. Ian revealed his true intentions, but even after seeming to stop they kept fighting. Ian stabbed Totorak through the back multiple times with Christel's sword and then sent a Chidori through his stomach. Totorak, enraged after being insulted and stepped on punched Ian through the gut and fired a beam destroying his organs. Yakkan soon showed up and healed Ian. During this, Totorak requested Ian to come over to him. Totorak, lying on the ground dying spoke these words to Ian, "Your reasons are not mine to know...b-but whatever they be...I-I am glad to die by your hands if I d-die here..."

Afterwards, Yakkan threw Totorak into a lake, to let him drown to death. But Yakkan doesn't know what ian said to Totorak. His true intentions, well they will be revealed when they time comes. But as far as they know, Totorak is dead.

Still though, the two of them went to retrieve his body. Totorak had no pusle, was not breathing, and blood had stopped flowing from his wounds. When they went to move his body, his body dissapeared. What happened is unknown, but the results could be bad or good.

Guardian One Day

Totorak appeared on the Lookout after dying. His wounds were healed and he awoke to Kami. Kami told him how one day he will die. But when he does, he would like Totorak to take his place. Knowing that now he is evil, Kami told him that one day he will change, proving what Christel told Totorak about him changing. Kami says he will train Totorak and Totorak agrees. So they entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and began training.

Defending The Lookout

Ian and Yakkan after leaving Korin got into a fight due to Ian's tailed beast taking over. Conner used his powers to hold them off while Totorak went to find Christel to try and calm Ian. With Christel's pleas not working Totorak returned her to safety. When Totorak returned, the Lookout had taken immense damage from the fight. Seeing no end to the fight, Totorak went for one last ditch effort. He flew into the air and charged a Big Bang Attack in his hand. He few straight down and hit it on the ground between Ian and Yakkan. A gigantic explosion was created. The resulting damage created a gigantic crater and knocked all the tailed beasts back into a hybernative state. Reverting Ian, Yakkan, and Conner back to their normal states. Thus ending the fight. 

After seeing if Christel was okay the others showed up and he began leaving. But they kept stopping him and thanking him. He didn't turn, because he didn't want to show the injury he sustained from using his move. He was coughing up blood, clearly harboring an internal injury. After conversing, he left for the Lookout.


Totorak is an angry person but since training with Kami he has become a bit nicer. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it's usually saying something rude or insulting. His temper and pride tend to get the best of him. Leading him to never backing down and fighting until he can no longer fight. His mindset is, if you can't win then you deserve to die. He would rather die with his pride, than live in shame. When talking though, he can also get cocky and talk with a "better than everyone" attitude.


Totorak has black eyes and brown spiky hair. He wears a blue battlesuit with white and gold boots, red gloves, and a red and black jacket. Sometimes he just wears the battlesuit with red boots and gloves.



  • Zenkai (Genetic)
  • Ki Sense
  • Super Speed
  • Ki Manipulation
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Eye Laser
  • Begone!
  • Kamehameha
  • Bang Beam


  • Big Bang Attack




  • Scouter - Given to by father before first mission

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