Topazo is of the Saiyan race and is 28. He never gives up in a fight and doesn't care if the odds are against him. He is mostly calm, but his mood can switch to anger easily. He has a son named Kotaz. He also says: "A goodbye is forever, that's why I never give them." He always said that to Kotaz before leaving for a mission.


Topazo keeps to himself and likes staying in his lab inventing. Otherwise he is just plain rude if not somehow calm.


Topazo trained Kotaz since his son was 3 and kept doing that until Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta. That is all that is known about Topazo's history.

Watching Life

Topazo is indeed alive, but he does not talk to Kotaz. Only people who know him. Topazo has talked to Bulla and  John. He told Bulla never to tell Kotaz of his presence. He plans to only show himself when Kotaz needs him. So he just waits and watches.
640px-Goku Talking to Vegeta in the Broly Movie

Topazo appearing randomly as he usually does

Do I Make An Entrance Or What?

Topazo saw Kotaz becoming enraged and appeared to talk with him. The two had a conversation and exchanged some stories and some insults. Then Topazo left after saying to Kotaz: "No goodbye."


  • Great Ape


Basic (2)

  • Ki Blast
    Firing Revenge Blaster

    Firing A Masenko

  • Full Power Energy Wave

Intermediate (1)

  • Masenko

Strong (1)

  • Explosive Breath Cannon

Other (5)

  • Flight
  • Zenkai
  • Power Ball
  • Ki Sense
  • Telepathy 


Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth ???
Date of death ???
Height 6'2"
Weight 123 lBS
Residence Unknown
Current Location Unknown
Allegiance Saiyans
Likes Fighting, Science, Killing
Dislikes People
Family Kotaz - Son
Pure-blooded Saiyans KotazMidori PhénixSteve/Future SteveEthanTopazoSamZatok/Future Zatok
Hybrid Saiyans Bulla/Future BullaJohn/Future JohnNikadJoshJill/Future JillDebbyGogi


"Oh's in pain!"
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