Tom Reigen, with Creed's lingering influence

Thomas Eden Reaper, better known as Tom, is a young Saiyan male who lives on Earth. He has a mysterious background, and cannot remember anything of his life before Earth. However, he bears striking resemblance to Kotsu Reigen.


Tom has black hair and dark eyes, and in addition to this, he is very physically similar to Kotsu Reigen, if not borderline identical. He is also extremely similar to him genetically, though Tom is unaware of this.


Tom's personality deviates from the original Kotsu's in many ways. As an infant and young child, Tom did not cry as much as most babies do, where Kotsu did. Tom was also always more quiet and reserved. In his young age, Tom's personality toyed with being sociopathic at times, with Tom not feeling or understanding remorse for wrongdoings and hurting others, but it was only a phase.

Tom is more down-to-earth and practical, though also more cynical and at times, pessimistic, much unlike Kotsu's optimistic and upbeat attitude. Tom is more easily prone to anger, and is more aloof, due to his early experiences. Inside, he is a far more caring and loving person, truly like the original Kotsu.

Keeping Tom unaware of his clone background as he got older was nigh impossible, as he began to have dreams when he was thirteen that were actually memories of the old Kotsu. At this age, he has a grasp that he is a "second version" of this recurring person in his dreams. He calls Kotsu "My First" and refers to himself as "The Second".

Early Life

The truth of why Tom is so similar in appearance is because he was the result of an underground project to create a new Kotsu after the original supposedly died when he obliterated the Alscheim planet with Creed's Dark Matter Dematerialization wave, killing himself in the process. As Kotsu and Creed played a big part in connecting Earthlings and Saiyans with the Innes race, some began to believe that in creating a new being that could withstand the dark energy would help maintain that relationship.

Tom was the twenty-fourth of thirty others, and he was apparently the only one to survive, at the tender age of six months. The others, considered failures, were destroyed.

Tom was saved by an unknown associate of the original Kotsu Reigen, and this associate gave Tom his name  and raised him for two years before leaving him where he would find care and could be raised without knowing the secret of his existence.

Tom was left on the doorstep of Josh Reaper by Astral, who turned him over. Tom immediately took to Josh and mistook Josh as his father, and was also under the impression that Koakuma was his mother. For the greater part of his life, Tom believed them to be his biological parents.

Powers and Abilities

The project to create a new Kotsu introduced a new idea; trying to insert some powers into the new Kotsu that the original one didn't naturally have.

Telekinesis: Tom is telekinetic and has been able to move objects and people (including himself) with his mind since he was a very young child. He had an unusual grasp on these telekinetic powers and often played with them.

Telepathy: Tom has been capable of speaking long before he was old enough to speak via telepathy. He prefers speaking with his mind, which leads to his classification as being "quiet".

Speaking to reptiles: Tom is a natural at basic communication with most animals and mammals, but is especially skilled with talking to reptiles. His influence is greatest when it comes to snakes, and he has a particular fondness for them. Snakes heed Tom's word closely.

Schattenmacht: At an extraordinarily young age, Tom was able to use and manipulate his Schattenmacht, which is identical to Kotsu's own Schattenmacht. It was much easier for Tom to begin using his Schattenmacht than it was for Kotsu at that age. The reasoning behind this is simply genetic difference. At age thirteen, when Creed's genes were only beginning to have an effect on Kotsu, his genes didn't have the level of natural darkness nor dark resistance in them. The DNA sample of Kotsu that led to Tom's creation was an adult sample, where Kotsu's genes have become infused with Creed's to an even greater degree, due to his dabbling in the darkness.


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