Otherwise known as User:Teddybearlover is a weird user that is the wiki's bitch. He has a weird fetish for teddy bears, as he told us in the chat himself "I love teddy bears, it's a hobby and a lifestyle" weird right? So anyway, why did I make this page? To let the users on AA know that we have a wiki's bitch. Yeah, that's right! How did he become the wiki's bitch? Well, it's quite simple; you go to a chat, PM someone that's kinda clueless and link them to AA and boom, you have someone to abuse, thus they become the wiki's bitch.

Teddy's weird ass avi

So, tell me, do you believe that Teddy is 20 years old? Didn't think so, this bitch here says that he's 20, weird right? That's like saying that Nik is awesome. Or saying that DJ is hot.

The Truth about Teddy

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