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Biological Info
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5'7
Weight secret
Current Location Bulla's House (Central City)
Likes pizza, strawberries, wine, soda, magic, any flavored liquids, friends, her sister Lilith, her mother, nightmares, reading
Dislikes Her father, idiots, water, humans, her friends constant break-ins
Controlled by Bulla
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Sterling スターリング (nicknamed Bulla) is a young vampire who attends Yokai Academy. She is controlled by Bulla and is from the Rosario + Vampire universe.


Bulla is a calm individual, often reserved and kept to herself. She is stoic most of the time, but bringing up her mother's death or threatening her little sister Lilith will provoke her to anger. She is very discriminatory towards humans, due to the murderers who removed her mother causing Bulla to step up to the mantle and take care of her young sister. She's often sarcastic and speaks in a monotone and is sarcastic. She also has a few friends due to trust issues. Despite her being reserved, she does believe in telling the truth, even if it is the harsh way. Deep down, she does have a soft spot for children (especially Lilith) and animals. She also somewhat has a weakness for strawberries, reason being she would eat them with her mother when she was alive. Her deepest desire is to find love and settle down someday.

Blood Addiction

Being a vampire, she often has a thirst for blood. However, she can control her vampire instincts due to practice, unlike her sister Lilith.


Not much is really known about Bulla, except she was born to a vampire woman named Agatha and a Yokai Lord father. She was born in the "human realm" or Florence, Italy and lived a happy life in the countryside for the majority of her childhood. On her sixteenth birthday, she witnessed her mother being brutally murdered by mysterious men. Her mother's last request for herself was to keep her daughters safe and for them to live wonderful lives and be optimistic. Bulla escaped with Lilith into the Yokai Realm to enroll herself in Yokai Academy to receive her education. She often visited Earth and befriended Miricle. She later graduated Yokai Academy and moved back to Earth to try to adapt to the human world like her mother would want.


Bulla often wears a Yokai schoolgirl uniform. She has long silver hair which she preferably wears down, but puts it up on occasion. She also has red eyes and pale skin. She always wears a rosario cross on her chest all the time for unknown reasons.


  • Combatant
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Blood consumption
  • Flight


Despite being a high class demon, Bulla and like most vampires do have their moments of weakness. Water is a great threat to vampires which is why they need herbal supplements to survive. Also she can get very drunk on soda, but can't get drunk off of wine.



Bulla has a mother named Agatha and younger sister named Lilith, whom she loves very dearly. Enraged by her mother's death by the hands of humans, Bulla holds a hatred towards them. However, she vows to uphold her mother's request of living her life to the fullest and raising her sister.


At some time, Bulla befriended Miri while exploring earth on her vacation. Despite Bulla's feelings towards mankind, she has a soft spot for her due to having the same sense of humor and the only human who was ever nice to her. However, Miri does crash in her house at random times, however Bulla doesn't seem to mind that deep down. Miri is also aware of Bulla's crush on a certain guy and often teases her about it, but also encourages to make a move.

To be continued...


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