One faithful day, our hero shrek was wandering upon a great, green forest. He hears some odd sounds coming from behind a bush.

"ho da fek ish hiden der? shew yer fekin feyse!!" The sexy protagonist roared. There was no reply, so he peeked behind the bush. He saw a horrid sight.

"uuh lemme go please no more" Jennifer Lawrence screamed.

"no" The douchebag singer, Justin Bieber laughed. Shrek filled with anger. Nobody rapes people but him. The green ogre rips the bush and tosses it aside. The douche takes one look at the sexy beast and screams. Shrek grabbed Biebitch by the throut and pulled him out of Lawrence. Shrek takes a moment to wander what the singers punishment would be. He decided on ripping his balls off. As he turned the douche around, he realized, Justin has no balls!

"im gion 2 chowk u on ur own blud"


"r u me bitch?"


"u gion akt liek bich, u gion die leik bich" Shrek yelled as he slammed Bieber to the ground and spread his legs. Shrek stuffed his monster penis into Justins ass, filling it with juicy love. Justin exploded. Shrek now turned his attention to pretty actor.

"Ey bb wunt sum fuk?"

"no..." Jennifer pleaded. Getting raped two times in one day wasn't a very good thing.

"2 bad bich"

They fucked all month. Legend has it that shrek still keeps Jennifer in his rape dungeon.

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