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STAG is the club owned by Josh and Malestorm. It has three levels, the ground floor having the restaurant, the second floor being the party floor (18+) and the top floor holding the strip club (also 18+).

First Floor 

STAG's waits

STAG holds a 7 star restaurant on its first floor. The waitresses are full clothed and are very polite. The food consists of:

Selection of Mezzes £13.50 per person (Cacik, Piyaz, Humus, Kisir {contains nuts}, Borek, Sucuk)

Soup of the Day £4.50 please ask your server for details

Borek £5.45 (v) selection of mushroom and cheese filled pastries

Mozzarella Salad £6.35 (v) with tomatoes, basil, sweet corn and balsamic dressing

Mucver £5.95 cheese and courgette fritter served with cacik dip

Artichoke and Asparagus Salad £6.95 with red caviar and lemon dressing

Grilled Pigeon Supreme £7.45 with vegetable stir-fry and balsamic infusion

Pan Seared Scallops £8.75 with Turkish style artichoke salad and red pepper sauce

Mussels Provencal £7.45 with tomato and basil sauce

Mediterranean Prawns £8.45 with garlic and lemon butter sauce

Sarastro's Home-Cured Gravlax £8.95 with chicory leaves, red onions, capers and lemon dressing


Salmon Fillet £16.45 with roast potatoes, mixed peppers, sautéed beetroot, wild rocket and chive & red caviar sauce

Sea Bass Fillet £17.45 with mashed potatoes, asparagus, wild rocket and Mediterranean 
black caviar sauce

Sea Bream Fillet £16.25 with asparagus, crushed potatoes, wild rocket 
and crème légère sauce

Dover Sole £25.85 with asparagus, new potatoes, char grilled red 
peppers, wild rocket and lemon butter sauce

Traditional Fish and Chips £13.45 with mushy peas, mixed green leaves and gherkins

Meat & Poultry

Lamb Anatolian £16.75 slow cooked lamb shank with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and rosemary sauce

Beef Bourguignon £15.45 with mashed potatoes, baby carrots onion confit and red wine sauce

Grilled Veal Chop £19.65 with roast potatoes, French beans, garlic confit and port sauce

Rack of Lamb £22.75 with dauphinoise potatoes, ratatouille, garlic confit 
and thyme jus

Escalope of Veal Holstein £18.95 with French beans, fried egg, gherkins and veal jus

Sirloin Steak £19.95 with chips, mushrooms and slow roasted tomatoes

Chicken Breast £15.25 with Mediterranean vegetables, roast potatoes and pomegranate sauce

Duck Confit £16.45 with glazed carrots, figs, green lentils and apricot sauce

Guinea Fowl Supreme £15.95 with Parisian potatoes, carrots and mushroom sauce

Karniyarik £13.45 aubergine stuffed with sautéed onions, garlic, tomatoes and minced beef. Served with pilaf rice and yoghurt dip

Vegetarian and Pasta

Penne Arrabiata £11.25 (v) with spicy tomato & basil sauce

Fettuccine £11.95 with roast vegetables, chicken and cream sauce

Savoury Crêpe £10.95 (v) filled with mushrooms and spinach, topped with cheese, tomato and pesto sauce served with wild rocket

Seafood Linguine £13.45 with prawns, mussels, calamari, octopus and tomato & basil sauce

Linguine Bolognese £12.45

Roasted Vegetables £10.25 (v) served with goat's cheese, pesto and tomato sauce and wild rocket


(served as starter, side order or main course)

Covent Garden Salad £9.50 lettuce salad with chicken, boiled egg, croutons and Drury Lane dressing

Smoked Salmon Salad £11.45 with cucumber, mixed leaves, asparagus, red onions and lemon dressing

Mozzarella Salad £5.95 / £9.50 (v) with tomatoes, basil, sweet corn and balsamic dressing

Piyaz £9.50 Turkish style bean salad with wild rocket, boiled egg, tomato, red onions and balsamic dressing

Sarastro House Salad £4.50 / £8.50 (v) Mixed green leaves with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red onions and vinaigrette

Traditional Turkish Salad £4.50 / £8.50 (v) with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mixed peppers, parsley and lemon dressing

Side Orders

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables £3.60

Mashed Potatoes £3.25

Chips £3.50

French Beans £3.75

Second floor

The second floor is the party room for ages 18+. There isn't much to talk about. Various snacks and alcohol are served and many acts play everyday! This is truly a good place to get drunk and have fun!

Third floor

STAG girls

STAG strippers

The third and final floor is the strip club. It is also 18+ and is all female strippers.

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