This page will explain the background of the RP universe of the wiki.

The RP universe goes by DBZ ages, so the first RP will take place in age 747, 10 years after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. But in this universe Goku, Vegeta, all of them never existed. Those who RP as Saiyans will be the only survivors of the planet. But since there are aspects of other Anime universes, there is a reason due to that. On Earth a technology was created by scientists that leads to other universes. There are portals that work the same on the other side. They use a form of technology that makes controled wormholes that don't have the same density as normal ones. So the portals connect the universe allowing multi-versal travel.

Kami (Controlled by and admin/mod or the RP curator) is still the guardian of the Earth, but he sealed Piccolo away on a far off planet near a dying sun. As well as Kami creating the dragon radar, only to give to a hero worthy of it. But, Tarble and Turles, due to their leaving of Planet Vegeta years before it's demise, will live. As well as any surviving Saiyans (we who RP) that have come to Earth or scattered to other planets are all low class Saiyans. 

As well, none of the enemies that came to Earth or fought Goku do not come to Earth or exist on Earth. Frieza doesn't come to Earth, the androids don't exist, the Red Ribbon army never existed, King Piccolo is never released, etc.

So we as the RPers make the story. We can chose to be the heroes to fight the enemies. Or, will you yourself chose to be an enemy? This universe is yours to shape.

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