Puchu is Tali's pet thing. It it unknown what animal Puchu is. Puchu is 2 months old. Tali bought Puchu at the Animal Store.


Puchu is very loud and kind, once you get to know him. Puchu loves to watch people doing it on the internet. Puchu has a lot of copies of himself, whenever he goes crazy. Although, he tries his best not to go crazy. He has his own little army of himself.


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Pu-Pu (By Tali)-

Race Unknown
Gender Male
Date of birth March 23rd
Height 2'0
Weight 30 lbs
Residence South City
Current Location Tali's house
Occupation Playing
Allegiance Good
Likes Tali, playing, running around, shouting "NYAN!", playing with random kitchen objects, sex, messing with Tali
Dislikes Boringness, being away from Tali

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