Professor Yuzura's Coding Class is a class for users to learn CSS and HTML coding.


To attend class, DISABLE VISUAL MODE. it is evil for coders. It will mess up so many things. Professor Yuzura will teach no users that user Visual Mode.


  • IloveJeice (A+)</li>
  • Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl (B)</li>
  • Miricle1778 (B-)</li>
  • Lau Nightwing (Z-)</li>
  • LSSJ4 (D+)



  • Professor Yuzura

    A Word From The Professor

    Trust me: I'm a teacher. I love to code and teach coding. If you use Visual mode, here is a bit of advice: Disable it and FUCK OFF!


    A word from out sponsors:

    "I'm lovin' it" —McDonalds
    "It really works! I have almost no acne anymore." —Epiduo
    "Test to see if you got herpes from your mother last night." —Herpes Tests
    "TROLL-MART!!!!" —Walmart </li>

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