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This is where you compete for the Noob Games. Remember the paragraph has to be at least four sentences of noob typing. Your username after the paragraph is also required. Please see these guidelines for more details. Have Fun!


Entry from BullaBrief101

tiem 4 noov tlk wit me!!!!1111111!! i dont plaey bi ruls coz i tyep wit evrtin i hve noov tak awsme 4 al i hoope u 2 tyep like awsme 1, i gt bithes 2 fuk n bash wit me 2 tms weeak1111!!!!111 i leve hatyer wiki4ever!1111!!!!!! godbi n good lukc!!!1111!!!

-By BullaBrief101

Entry from SpartanSymbol

mi favo songer ids maallekermoreere. i lewwve shop thrirrtf, itt mi favorite ssaongf. fuk peeple whu h8 dis sooang.. i Alos likke duubsteper.

Entry from Miricle1778

i dunt undrstnd y no1 liek me!!!111 i fuking ahte mi lufw!!!!!11!!!111 i wunt ti end mi lfe!! i leving fowvere i whish dat evry1 wood stip hattttng  pn mi, i rely dunt liek thus wikia it suks dinoasur ehhs si mich o wosh dat no1 wuld ahte mi i am guna git hut bi a bish & dye!!!!!!!11111!!!11! i dunt desirve 2 lice!!!11! ;9 -By Miricle1778

Entry from Lau Nightwing

High, gais. Ma name iz Lays. How r u?///?//?? Eye liek pizza n pie n vidya gyamez n stuff n stuff n stuff!111!!!! Eye liek sleepin, okeh///// Eye liek uh, othu shiet.<>.<>,.><<>.... I liek rap, n rak n rollz, n heaveh medal, n pahp, n are n bee. Eye will stahp typin naw.

Entry from Gangnamstlying

Waai ewerbudi wo wrke mai I gud parsom wuv mai duches eye jsut vant ro be ruved buy u mutheqtuckin bothces 

Entry from BlazeFireXXXX

sup efreebooty im jonadick i liek secks moovees tv and espechalee corn i wash born in weast vagina, u porbablee no becuz its rite by the white housex n dats were d presidick leaves if u wat secks den come to my assress 69696 horny striet cockston west vagina - By BlazeFireXXXX

Entry from Maroyasha

i rmbr whn REBca Blarc ws col. i lvd its! Macklmr shcks. Trits shts scks/ i lve lns ths rcks ins yos bckyrads! GO mureca!

-By Maroyasha

Entry from Big Daddy Ezio

i dnt lik dik i lik psee, soh wtf r u tlkin bout. stp clin me a no09b u noopb or i wll kik ur ass. oo a noo mmber joyuned cht, hai noo usr. y r u so meen 2 me>???////111111!!!! i no lik u dnt tlk to me btch. & wil ur @ tit sk ma dik & lik it 2 k n900bb. stfu & git ovre heer so i can beet u da fuq uoop. fafget as nigguh. dats bcutz i dnt lik u...

- Bai Bg Daddee Etsio

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