Noob Games


Noob Games aka Noob competition, Newbie Arts, or "nooobv gamee" is a completion to see who can type the "Noobish" language. Different users,noob or regular, can sign up to compete to see who has the best Noob grammar.

These competitions are held every year at the Anime Arts Wiki. The object is to type a Noob typed paragraph with at least four sentences. What you can do is to study the typing of the basic noob at a wiki chat or a message wall. Remember, these games are only for laughs so try to have fun typing.


  • Must be at least four sentences
  • Remember the noob typing style. For example:
    • You = u
    • Your = ur
    • Two, to, or too = 2
    • fuck = fuk
    • Cause or because = coz
  • Have fun


We have found a noob typed example to help contestants get started.

y? y did u bann me ukw fuck this i hate the life im leving anyway so im gonna let the two bitches bash me till there is no more me coz noone gives 2 fucks bout me anyway

All entries must be typed here.

Please sign up here:


More Information

The Noob Games are proudly sponsored by Typing School, the only typing school that is sure to perfect typing. Also please donate $1 to a charity known as "i4evrnoob" . Call 1-800-I4VR-NOOB or go on our website "" for more details.

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