Piccolo namek transformation 1 by inforit-d4yhabw
Yay he is the ocean blue and stuff
Some attributes
First Infinite Energy
Second Speed
Third Large Reserves
Other attributes

The Namekian of Legend, he aims to train extremely hard in order to become the next Ki Master!

Gotta Learn them all! Yea!


The Geti Star was sad that it lost Meta Cooler, so it took Nacule and pretended to explode. Reformatting Nacule, the Geti Star has attached microscopic stuff to observe Nacule's battles as it does its own stuff, while making Nacule think that he escaped the Geti Star.



Super Speed

Ki Manipulation

Infinite Ki (Geti Star)

Arm Extension

Magic Materialization


Ki Object Creation (Can make permanent objects out of Ki, its strength determinant on the amount of Ki put in. Objects can be reinforced and enhanced for more Ki)


Ki Maximization

Super Telekinesis

Future Abilities


Shape Shifting: Giant Form - Multiplies Nacule's size by any amount, expanding his reserves massively as he does so. His speed increases less than proportionately but it is still faster than at a smaller size. Using Ki or Telekinesis he may further enhance his speed in this state.


Power Clothes - Obtained from the Geti Star after his escapade. Nacule took it when he left. It has the ability to grow heavier the more power is used on it. Did I mention that Nacule has infinite Ki?

Ki Membrane - Nacule, using his Ki Object Creation, has created a skin membrane for himself made out of his infinite Ki. Can be enhanced using Infinite Ki. Acts as armour.

Ki Gauntlets - Nacule, using Ki Object Creation, has created Gauntlets which fire pseudo Dragon Fists on use. These are NOT real Dragon Fists. The Gauntlet itself is empowered with his infinite Ki so it can fire a nigh-infinite supply of "Dragon Fists". These "Dragon Fists" get more powerful if Nacule channels additional Ki from himself.

Ki Boots - Nacule, using Ki Object Creation, has created Boots out of his infinite Ki. These boots fire extremely powerful bursts of Ki to boost Nacule's speed whenever Nacule wants. More Ki can make the boost stronger.

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