Malestorm, or, Maelstrom is a powerful, 20 year old saiyan who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He is the secondary RP character of Tobi 7900.  

Behold his sexiness
Biological Info
Name Malestorm
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of Birth iunno
Age 20
Height 6'3"
Weight 214
Current Location None
Likes Mostly nothing
Dislikes Mostly everything
Controlled by Tobi 7900
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Malestorm was born on Planet Vegeta to a Saiyan father and mother. Despite being born into a rich saiyan family, he was fairly disciplined and was far from spoiled. Infact he was abused if you can say that. This turned him into a cold person, who was also very silent and a bit of a "bad boy", as most females would call it.  He almost always completed his missions, becoming an accomplished saiyan warrior. He had heard of his father being killed on a mission, and his siblings killed alongside him, and he indeed mourned their deaths. Despite mourning them, he didn't really CRY for them, nor faulter in his missions. About three days before the destruction of Vegeta, Malestorm was sent to planet Earth. Though he got there rather quickly, he decided to be lazy and not come out of his pod, and fell asleep. When he woke up, he went out of the pod and still felt..lazy. Seeing humans and such, he thought they were like saiyans, but noticed their lack of tails and quickly dismissed that. To fit in more, for unknown purposes, he started hiding his tail by covering it with a belt and putting it inside of his pants. He is now travelling around, seeking for new things to try. 


Malestorm is usually depicted as having medium, spiky black hair with a blue tint to it. Storm has black eyes, and fairskin. In bodily structure, Storm is tall, and somewhat muscular as he holds a six pack of abs. On the right side of his chest he holds a random dark blue tattoo for unknown purposes, probably just for decoration. He almost always wears no shirt, a tan belt, green pants, a lined bracelet, a weird shaped cross necklace, a random keychain on his belt, and black shoes..


Storm is a cold and silent person, rarely ever speaking unless he needs to. He is one to act rudely to others, unless he finds them interesting enough to be treated fairly. He's that classical bad boy, who's silent most of the time, breaks the rules, and is a total asshole. On the inside, all he really wants to be is accepted for who he is, and wishes he could actually make friends.  But he denies any word spoke of this, and will never reveal it.



Galick Gun


Super Speed



Great Ape



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