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Biological Info
Name Lilith
Race Vampire
Gender Female ♀
Age 14
Current Location Yokai Academy
Likes Loud noises, aggression, fighting, human blood, torturing others, rock concerts, Bulla and her mother.
Dislikes Boredom, humans, idiots,
Controlled by Bulla
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Lilith is the younger sister of Bulla and a freshmen attending Yokai Academy.


Lilith is the complete opposite of Bulla. She is loud, aggressive, troublesome, and very reckless. Lilith absolutely loves to inflict torture on people especially humans, however she prefers it to be an outlet to express her anger about her mom's murder. She can also be emotional and not afraid to express her opinions to people. Her berserking point is anyone mentioning her mother's death or threatening to harm her sister. Despite her cruelty, she is a caring individual who adores her sister, and wishes to be like her someday, even though she believes some of her choices are boring.

Blood Lust

Due to her lack of interest in controlling her instincts and her number of years on earth, Lilith is prone easily to suck human blood much to her sister's frustration.


Like her older sister, Lilith was born in Florence, Italy to vampire woman Agatha and a Yokai Lord father. She lived a happy life in the countryside until the death of her mother by the hands of mysterious men. Her sister lead her to safety in the Yokai realm due to their mother's request. They both attend Yokai Academy, but live in an outhouse instead of a dorm on campus. Unlike her sister, Lilith doesn't seem to mind about being seen by people.


Lilith dresses in her traditional uniform for Yokai Academy freshmen. She has bright auburn hair in pigtails, and emerald green eyes. Her skin is rather fair, compared to her pale colored sister.


  • Blood consumption
  • Shapeshifting bat - A bat received from her mother in order to protect herself. Like the name states, he shapeshifts into:
    • A hammer
    • An axe
    • A mace


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