Life with No Father is a suspense story by me, Aidia Isabella Arroyo, or known here as Scarlet. Hope you enjoy the story :)

My Room ~Prologue~

Aquanetta, just only 13, had no shoulder to cry on. She, along with her 18 year old brother, Rielante, were seperated from their father in a train station. Their mother was a lousy drunk, she would act slutty and flirt with unknown men to the two siblings. She didn't care about Aquanetta or Rielante's health, all she even took a thought about was her sex life. After Rielante attacked her for slapping Aquanetta, she seperates from the two in a motel about 21 miles away from where they lived. Their father, Juan Conzuelas, was the nice parent who did everything to keep Aquanetta and Rielante live and well. Rielante believes that their father was having such a bad time with their mother, he fled the family so that his stress could relieve.

"Why does mother have to be so mean?" Aquanetta questioned as she sat on the floor Indian-style, with her face in her shirt.

"I don't know Netta...I don't know. Mom's just a lousy ungrateful bitch who made our father leave...she's a drunk and she deserved to leave us alone." Rielante, sat near his grieving sister, and comforted her with his navy jacket.

"Did we do something Rie Rie?" 

"No, Netta, we didn't. And Dad didn't either." Rielante was unusually calm, but he experienced his parents' turmoil his whole 18 years of life, so it was pretty normal to him.

Aquanetta was quietly breaking down from sadness and stress. She was only 13, and she was brought into this life when her parents were filing divorce papers and attacking each other every night. As the moon slowly dashed away into the darkness, Aquanetta drifted away into sleep, into the arms of her brother.

~ The Story Starts Now, 10 years later ~

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