La`foon, or Foon, for short, is a 21 year old man who has alternate personalities; A formal side, and a crazy side.


Foon in his formal state gathers the regalia of a high royal king, and talks as such. Wheras in his alternate personality, Foon turns into a mad king, and sports a much crazier appearance.


DJ Contacreast - Journey to Heaven

DJ Contacreast - Journey to Heaven


Pistol: Shoots bullets made out of bull horns, and in crazy form, shoots demon horns.

Levin: A sharpened to perfection blade, in crazy form, however, it becomes rugged, and shoots lightning

Magic: Foon is adept at magic, and can control the power of fire, however, as a madman, he controls the supernatural.

Looks: Foon can use his davishing good loks to paralyze his opponents, but when crazy, can use his demonic features to paralyze his opponent as well