Kamina is a young man, born and raised in South City. Loud and arrogent, he is typically seen showing off around the city. Despite his over the top personality, Kamina has good intentions at heart; typically seen in his role as a rookie undercover cop, working hard as part of the SCPD. 


Kamina is tall and well built, and prided himself on being "manly and tough". He has light blue, short, spiky hair and is frequently seen wearing his trademark sunglasses that cover his red eyes. His skin is tan, and he has tattoos along both of his arms which extend to his shoulders and near his upper back.

Kamina's outfit, while not complicated nor too flashy, clearly represents his boisterous personality. Consisting of a red blazer over a pink button up shit, with only the bottom being completely buttoned; Around his right shoulder is his concealed holster, which typically houses his pistol. His bottom half, consists of long dark blue pants, tied with a plain black belt, he wears a pair of black dress shoes to complete the ensemble.


At first glance, Kamina is boisterous, hotheaded, and arrogant. He demands recognition and seems hungry for greatness, illustrated in his tendency to call himself "the Mighty Kamina" and his signature catchphrase, "Who the Hell do you think I am?!" He is an idealist with tremendous determination, sometimes to the point of ignorance. He is also very perverted, finding it hard to not stare at any women who happen to be in his vicinity.


Kamina is a 23 year old Undercover cop for the SCPD, he grew up in poverty having to mature faster then his peers to deal with the harsh knocks of life, though this doesn't mean he's childish in many, many ways (See: Personality).

Weapons and Attacks

Nodachi- a "field sword", it's long size makes it difficult to draw in a pinch, though it's sharpness gives it a advantage in cutting; only used while undercover.

Pistol- A standard issue SCPD firearm, it's clip fed, having a max ammo capacity of about 16.

Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth January 17
Height 5'10"
Weight 180lbs
Current Location South City
Occupation Undercover Cop
Allegiance SCPD
Likes Women, himself, weapons, making people rage, his glasses, his job, violence.
Dislikes Idiots, people who say they can't do something, criminals, being told HE can't do something

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