Kami is the guardian of the Earth in the DBZ Universe. He was once unnamed but has since re-dubbed himself Kami. Nearly 100 years ago the evil in him began to take over. Feeling that this could threaten Earth he went to a far away planet. A planet unknown to all, its sun dying. There, he seperated himself from his evil half, Piccolo. Kami confronted his evil half. Piccolo confused and weak from seperation was quickly taken down by Kami. Knowing if he killed Piccolo, he would kill himself, he sealed him away. Piccolo's prison? A small bottom labeled demon now buried somewhere on this unknown planet. Kami soon returned to Earth and continued to guard it. His only companion, Mr. Popo, by his side. Kami still resides over the Earth today, waiting to find a great hero strong, kind hearted, and willing to take over his position as Guardian. For now, he keeps the Dragon Radar he built by his side. In case he must ever summon the great and almighty Shenron.

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