Joshina AA
Biological Info
Name Joshina
Race Magical Girl (Puella Magi)
Gender Female
Date of Birth Dec 28th
Age 15
Height 4'11
Weight 90lbs
Current Location Central City
Likes Boys, Animanga, Food, Animals
Dislikes Sexual offenders, other crews, idiots
Controlled by XGlass Reflection
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Joshina is a 15 year old girl from Earth. She is currently not working and is home schooled by her mother.


Joshina is a dainty girl with pink hair. She has a loli complex and is often looked down upon for her height and weight. As her usual outfit. She wears her school uniform consisting of:

  • A white blouse
  • Red bows
  • Black shoes
  • Black skirt
  • White socks


Joshina. first appears to a naive, gentle girl from a kind family. Though sometimes shy, she makes friends without much difficulty and treats others gently and with respect.

She has low self-confidence, and she believes she does not have much to offer the world unless she is helping people, which makes becoming a magical girl appealing to her. She has been known to become flustered easily, and in certain circumstances, she can be easily manipulated by others playing on her insecurity and desire to help. As a magical girl, she is more obviously confident in herself than before her wish.

She calls most girls she knows by their given name with the suffix "-chan" or "-san" at the end, and boys by their family name with the suffix "-kun", showing that she is closer to the girls than boys.

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