Ian Uchiha
Ian Uchiha AA
Biological Info
Name Ian Uchiha
Race Saiyan/Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 1st
Age 15
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Current Location Bat-cave
Likes Death, Destruction, Food, Cake, Chocolate, his sword
Dislikes Vegetables
Controlled by Tobi 7900
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Ian Uchiha or simply Ian is a 15 year old, Human male. He is also the jinchuriki of the Yin half of Kurama. He is the main RP character of Tobi 7900.  


Ian was born to a Uchiha clan father and a Kaguya clan mother on Earth with one sibling. Ian had a poor family that could barely pay their rent, bills, infact they only had the house because a friend put a good word in for them. One night, his parents were violently attacked and brutally murdered by some robbers. Going by pure instinct, Ian's older brother grabbed a knife from the table and violently killed them with the small blade. He was then forced to take care of Ian, eventually sealing the nine tails into him. Growing up, Ian was denied, rejected, and hated by his entire village save for his brother. This caused him to grow a deep hate for those around him, and even hate towards the entire human race. When he was about 13, Ian violently lashed out and brutally murdered his older brother, blaming him for his sorrows and saying that he only sealed the nine tails into Ian so he could be resented. Kurama took interest in this act, and struck a deal with him. He would lend him his power in battles so that he could win every match he fought, and basically be invincible. In turn for this, Ian would have to kill and spread bloodshed everywhere for as long as he used his power. Ian agree'd, and gave into the demon. All these events led up to this point in time. 


Ian has somewhat-long and somewhat-spiky medium blue hair that just barely reaches his neck. Ian's hair somewhat spikes out to the left side, and it also has three bangs that drop down to his face, two of which frame it and one of which just lays there between his eyes. He usually wears a black shirt and black pants, held on by a light khacki belt. Over his shirt, he wears a quadruple strap belt over his chest buckled in the middle. Along with this, he wears black, fingerless gloves with steel armor attached onto it. He usually wears a black ammunition pouch over some bandages on his right thigh. Ian also wears black sandals with bandages that cover his shins and ankles. On his shoulders are two black strips, purely decoration.





Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Body Flicker

Intermediate Chidori

Tailed Beast Abilities

Advanced healing, chakra levels, endurance and stamina


Initial Jinchuriki Form





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