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Howl Village
Howl City
Some attributes
First Planet: Earth
Second Locations:Howl Springs
Third Residents:Drake(formerly)

Alpha Wolf



Other attributes

Howl Village is small village located near some mountains. It's inhabited by many Winged Wolves.


Howl Village is the hometown of Drake. The biggest attraction is their hot springs which are said to be one of the best spas springs around. It is under the leadership of the Alpha Wolf. The inhabitants are Winged Wolves; who are all perverted and love when girls come to visit. The villagers would usually try

Alpha Wolf

to trick the girls to get into the hot springs so that they can watch the girls strip and bathe. Bulla went there to deliver a secret capsule to their Alpha Wolf, but was targeted by two Winged Wolves named Jack and Cedar; who wanted to watch her strip and relax in the hot springs.


Cedar copy


Notable Residents

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