The main characters of Bebop (Left to right: Jet, Spike, Faye, Edward and Ein.)

Ah yes, Cowboy Bebop. For you, this goes two ways:

1. You were told it's the best f***ing thing ever, or

2. You never watched it.

If you never watched it... WATCH IT NOW. Wait, not literally! Read this first.


First I have to explain the characters:

  • Spike - a bounty hunter with a secret past.
  • Jet - Spike's best friend and former detective.
  • Faye - a woman with gambling issues.
  • Edward - my personal favorite character, a bubbly preteen who is a master hacker.
  • Ein - the pet of the group.

Now that we have that out of the way, the anime essentially focuses on the adventures inside their ship, Bebop (title reference :D). It is 2071, an explosion of the hyperspace gateway causes a large decrease in Earth's population. In this future, many humans now inhabit Mars, where many of the characters are born. The series explores how their pasts connect to their ventures of the present. 

Video and Audio

Video - The animation and visuals are astounding, especially for 1998. The backgrounds look very appealing and character animation and movement is fluid and crisp. As expected from a Watanabe anime.

Audio - Dub or sub? Who gives a crap, they're both awesome. The japanese voices fit very well, and Steven Blum as Spike Spiegel is legendary (to me, anyway...). The soundtrack, which is heavily influenced by jazz and the blues, is amazing. It fits surprisingly well in this, and is probably the best anime soundtrack of all time.

Lasting Appeal

Do I even NEED to fill in this section? It may only be 26 "sessions", but it's one of, if not the best anime around. Check it out. Oh, and I'll review the movie when I do.

Verdict: 10/10

Theme song

Here's the best theme song ever:

Cowboy Bebop opening (Tank!)01:31

Cowboy Bebop opening (Tank!)

This, is how you make a theme song.

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