First off, I am NOT copying XGlass Reflection, I did reviews on my previous account for Dragonball Fanon Wiki (back when it was active). Anyhow, these are my reviews, which will be for different mediums, 'cause I can.

Angel Beats

Since Josh already reviewed it, I'll be brief, but here's my opinion: I kinda like it. Yes, it has ups and downs, but it is overall a good anime.

I find it has an interesting premise, and good (not great) characters, and a good first episode. My cons... is the story. While I like the premise, the story seems to trail into other subplots that don't get resolved. I also, for some reason, hate the finale episode. The ending was good and all, but again, it doesn't resolve some of the conflicts introduced in earlier episodes.

Verdict: 7.9/10
A somewhat good anime, but there are a few gripes. It's debatable on what you wanna do with the anime.

Deadman Wonderland

main article: GuySponge/Reviews for the Damned/Deadman Wonderland

Cowboy Bebop

main article: GuySponge/Reviews for the Damned/Cowboy Bebop

What else?

Got any anime, manga, etc. you want me to review? Suggest it in the comments!

My To-Review List

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