Gogi is 27 and is a half human, half saiyan hybrid (and new RP character of Maroyasha). He is friends wth Topazo and Kotaz

Early Life

Gogi was only 4 when he began training. He has known Topazo since they were both little.  Together they trained and got stronger. Then they went their seperate ways at young ages. How they knew each other at that age is still unknown.

Growing Up

Gogi's parents died soon after he stopped training with Topazo. He was at the age of 10 at this point. After that he lived and fended for himself. He trusted no one. 

Meeting King Kai

Gogi knew Topazo had been killed and tried finding a way to other world. King Yemma saw this and allowed Gogi to come to otherworld for a few days. Gogi went to King Kai quickly and met up with Topazo. They trained a few days and Gogi learned Kaio-Ken. How Topazo got there before Gogi is unknown.

Current Life

Gogi currently helps the AA Crew when he can. But he tends to keep to himself.


Basic (4)

  • Energy Wave
  • Destructo Disk
  • Bang Beam
  • Finger Beam

Intermediate (3)

  • Kamehameha
  • Spirit Ball
  • Super Explosive Wave

Strong (2)

  • Photon Bomber
  • Dirty Fireworks

Other (8)

  • Flight
  • Zenaki
  • Ki Sense
  • Afterimage
  • Telepathy
  • Ki Shield
  • Kaio-Ken x2
  • Great Ape (His tail is always under his belt usually)


Gogi in Gi
Race Saiyan/Human Hybrid
Gender Male
Date of birth 5/18
Height 5'5"
Weight 117 lbs
Current Location Earth
Occupation Training
Allegiance Good
Likes Food, Fighting, Training, Being Alone
Dislikes Spicy Foods, Evil
Family Topazo - Friend

Kotaz - Friend

Controlled By Maroyasha
Pure-blooded Saiyans KotazMidori PhénixSteve/Future SteveEthanTopazoSamZatok/Future Zatok
Hybrid Saiyans Bulla/Future BullaJohn/Future JohnNikadJoshJill/Future JillDebbyGogi


Krillin AMV04:41

Krillin AMV

Main Theme

DBZ - AMV - Krillin - Come out Swinging-102:48

DBZ - AMV - Krillin - Come out Swinging-1

Fighting Theme

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