Ghoster is evil spirit and a ghost and he is called Ghoster because he is a little yellow evil spirit and he is a bad guy and Goku and Trunks started the search for Ghoster!  And it was hard to find him so they had to get help from Piccolo! And Piccolo was smart enough to show them where Ghoster was! And he was near the Namekians killing many of them the were only 3 survivors Kami, Dende, and Nail. Then soon Goku and Trunks came to stop Ghoster but Ghoster was just too much for them so he beat them up senseless! But Piccolo was not just going to let them suffer and let Ghoster get away like that! So during the fight Piccolo jumped up right behind Ghoster's back then he did his special attack to Ghoster but it was barely any effect! So Ghoster grabbed Piccolo and he choked him he was sucking Piccolo's energy out! But before all of Piccolo's energy was sucked out Goku shot a Kamehameha at Ghoster making him drop Piccolo. Luckily for Piccolo, he was saved by Goku! Piccolo was ok but many people say that Ghoster is not a only a bad guy in the saga but he is a saiyan because he has yellow hair and increase strength but some people and some people say that he is a android and he is andriod 22 because out of all the androids he's the strongest and he is way stronger also he is the brother of Frieza and friend of Cell but it took years to end the Ghoster saga because Ghoster was just too dangerous! But at least they were able to defeat Ghoster because some of them died trying to stop Ghoster! Then Piccolo flew away and Ghoster was mad so he slammed Goku to the ground! Then Ghoster made a black hole and anything that went threw it would disappear forever unless you could somehow break the black hole or use Shenron and first Ghoster threw Trunks in the black hole so Trunks was never seen again! So Goku got help from Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Gohan, Goten, and Krillin but Goku was forgetting someone, the second strongest saiyan and the some one was.... Vegeta! So anyway Goten and Krillin tried to punch Ghoster put Ghoster countered it on threw Krillin then Chiaotzu grabbed Ghoster so but Ghoster pushed Chiaotzu off of him and he threw Chiaotzu in the black hole so Chiaotzu was never seen again! Then Tien tried to shoot a tri beam at Ghoster but Ghoster countered it and threw him in the black hole so Tien was never seen again! Then Krillin threw a solar flare at Ghoster so he couldn't see then while Krillin had the chance he tried to throw Ghoster in the black hole but he aimed the wrong way and by the time he aimed the right way Ghoster opened his eyes and he flew down and threw Krillin in the black hole so Krillin was never seen again! Then Chi Chi grabbed Gohan and Goten so they wouldn't get creamed like the others! Goku, Piccolo, and Yamcha were the remaining fighters left. Then Yamcha shot a power blast at Ghoster's arm and his arm fell off but it just grew right back and then Ghoster actually kill Yamcha with just one blast! Then Piccolo left so it was only up to Goku so it was only up to Goku to defeat Ghoster so he called Vegeta so Vegeta could help him! So Vegeta helped Goku beat up Ghoster a little but then Ghoster stopped Vegeta by slamming him to the ground and Goku couldn't take it anymore so he shot the Kame-Hame-Ha at Ghoster then Goku threw Ghoster in the black hole so finally the ghoster saga ended but that was just the beginning before Ghoster returns!!!!!! He will be in the Super Ghoster saga in season 4 in the episode Be Careful Goku ! Android 22 has appeared!

Things you should know about Ghoster

  • Ghoster's gf is Ghostly Sarah
  • Ghoster is almost unbeatable!
  • Ghoster's finishing technique is a spirit bomb
  • Ghoster can make people disappear with a black hole
  • Ghoster lives on planet Ghost
  • Ghoster is a andriod and a saiyan, he is Andriod 22
  • Ghoster likes haunting houses
  • Ghoster is a male (duh!)
  • Ghoster is 6'6 feet tall
  • He was born in 1961
  • His kids are Ghostly Max and Ghostly Jessica

Gallery of Photo's with Ghoster in them that are on the article

now i will show you a gallery of pictures with Ghoster

  • Ghoster just standing there
  • Ghoster using his finishing technique
  • Ghoster just standing there
  • Ghoster using the spirit bomb
  • Ghoster DBZ
  • Ghoster stopping Vegeta (sprite form)
  • Ghoster stopping Vegeta
  • Ghoster in combat!
  • Ghoster vs Goku
  • Ghoster model
  • Ghoster and his family
  • Ghostly Sarah (Ghoster's GF) (also shes the same race as Ghoster)

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