Future Zatok is ruthless and merciless. He will do anything to win or get what he wants. His personality is more mature than his present counterpart though.


Future Zatok is the only part of Kotaz that lives in the future. Jill and Bulla believe him to be Kotaz. But they are greatly mistaken. Zatok is waiting, waiting to attack.


  • Great Ape
  • Kaio-Ken to Kaio-Ken 5
  • Full Power
    Baby king vegeta 1st form by robertovile-d37orz7

    Full Power


Basic (2)

  • Ki Blast
  • Destructo Disc

Intermediate (2)

  • Galick Gun
  • Kamehameha

Strong (1)

  • Double Galick Gun

Other (6)

  • Flight
  • Zenkai
  • Power Ball
  • Ki Sense
  • Afterimage
  • Telepathy
Future Zatok
King Vegeta By KingCrackRock by kingcrackrock


Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth February 27
Date of death ???
Height 5'11"
Weight 149 lbs
Residence Unknown
Current Location The Future Earth
Occupation Unknown
Allegiance Evil/Himself
Likes Food, Killing, Fighting
Dislikes Good
Family Zatok- Counterpart

Kotaz- Good Counterpart

Pure-blooded Saiyans KotazMidori PhénixSteve/Future SteveEthanTopazoSamZatok/Future Zatok
Hybrid Saiyans Bulla/Future BullaJohn/Future JohnNikadJoshJill/Future JillDebbyGogi

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