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Frankie is a tall young man with spiky brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes (red when enraged or bloodthirsty). He wears a white t-shirt under a black hoodie. He also wears blue jeans with rips on the knees and white sneakers.


Frankie is generally seen as someone with a big heart and enjoys helping others. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and is over all friendly. He enjoys sparring with his friends on his spare time and loves listening to music, particularly classic rock and heavy metal. He also enjoys cracking jokes and has a hidden perverted side to him, though this isn't seen very often as he does respect the boundaries of others.

There is a much darker side to him, however, and it is mostly seen in battle. He retains a cold demeanor and fights with extreme brutality when angered enough. On some occasions, he can be seen with a feral grin and will sometimes laugh maniacally in combat, hinting at his bloodlust. Some have compared him to a Saiyan in this regard. He also shows a complete disregard for any sense of honor or fairness when fighting, as he himself admits that he's a "dishonest villain who hates to lose."

Frankie also possesses a deep love for Rin even when he first saw her. Even in spite of her coldness towards him, he is more than willing to lay down his life for her should the situation call for it. He was overjoyed when Rin finally accepted his feelings and enjoys every moment he has with her.

Powers & Abilities

Expert Swordsman: Frankie has proven himself to be more proficient in swordsmanship than hand-to-hand, which is the specialty of his girlfriend Rin. At one point, he took down four lesser demons with almost no effort on his part.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert: While not his preferred form of combat, Frankie has shown himself capable enough of hand-to-hand combat to use it effectively in a fight. Unlike Rin, who focuses more on precision and speed, Frankie focuses more on raw power.

Spell Master: Frankie has shown himself to be extremely proficient in magic which even surpasses most expert mages. He is able to use a wide array of spells in combat, proving him to be extremely unpredictable in this regard.

Enhanced Strength: Frankie has shown remarkable physical prowess, and is particularly useful when fighting unarmed. At one point, he punched a large dog demon into multiple structures, including a building.

Dark Mode: This is Frankie's Vampire Mode. In this form, his hair turns black and grows to waist length. is eyes turn red and he becomes noticeably taller. His attire changes to a black overcoat that ends in a cape and he wears black pants and black combat boots.


(To a group of demons) "Alright! Entertain me kiddies!"

(To Rin) "You can act all cold, but I can see right through you!"

"I don't know why it is you hate me so much, nor do I know what I can do to make you happy. But I swore to protect you, and that's what I plan on doing! Whether you like it or not!"

"Why? Do I have to...spell it out...for ya? I love you...idiot..."

(To nobody in particular) "Good morning world of I am to bring a little light in your life!"

(To Raiko) "I don't know what happened in your past, nor do I care! Your actions have ruined many innocent people's lives! For that, you're gonna pay!!"




Race Shinigami/Vampire Hybrid
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Height 6.2
Weight 180lbs
Likes Rin (girlfriend),

Meat, Fighting, Music, Video Games, Anime, Junk Food

Dislikes Anyone hitting on Rin,

Too much quiet, Vegetabes

Controlled By Rengoku18

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