After... some amount of time that I don't remember and am too lazy to check, part two is HERE! This part includes episodes 3-6, which covers Kirito's adventures with Silica, and the murder in the safe zone. This part, in my opinion, isn't as good as the first, but oh well. The next one is probably take a while so, don't expect it to come soon. Anyhoozle, enjoy~

1. The giant apes are defeated by Kirito without any slash marks? WHAT?

2. Three Days to revive Pina? Okay, got the Arbitrary rules out of the way.

3. Alright, Kirito’s reasoning for helping her is that she looks like his sister. It may all be a lie, but, she still looks nothing like his sister.

4. That bitch Rosalia... is a bitch.

5. Kirito says the whole floor is covered in flowers. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE PAVEMENT, MR. FLORA?

6. In response to Silica’s hesitation of using the crystal, Kirito says, “No buts.” Is he trying to make fun of the fact that she has about as much ass as Miley Cyrus? Kirito is being a dick again…

7. Kirito’s talks about his past with his Grandfather’s strictness with Kendo, and Suguha training extra hard for him. Well, couldn’t their mom have done anything? I mean despite being Kirito’s Aunt, she’s still his legal guardian, and has more authority over this than her father.

8. Kirito states he doesn’t care about hurting Rosalia and turning orange. Well, I guess he is a Beater then. A woman beater that is.

9. So why is Kirito in the assault team? I thought everyone hated him!

10. Kirito gives a fuck about NPCs dying. Oh the irony…

11. Asuna says Kirito must obey him. What she didn’t add was she was threatening him with no sex.

12. Kirito is referred as the “shady looking guy dressed in black.” “Part of his coat is blue, and other than the rest of his coat and his gloves, there isn’t much black. ._.

13. Over-exaggerated death scene by Caynz...

14. Would someone seriously get so butthurt that they would kill the guild leader over selling a ring? Jeez...

15. Schmitt brings up a good point. Why now, after six months is this happening? Why did Yolko and Caynz wait so long?

16. Asuna can cook. Told ya Kirito’s sexist. >.>

17. Okay… Kirito’s theory is flawed. How could one teleport out of their armor? That makes no sense. Also, if he really did teleport, what about the glow that happens in teleporting? You could argue that the armor hid it, but the same thing applies to Yolko, who was wearing regular clothes.

18. Red-Eyed XaXa. Fuck Red-Eyed XaXa.

19. That ghost or whatever at the end is never explained. Both Kirito and Asuna can see it, so it isn’t anyone’s imagination. WHAT IS IT?

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