So yeah, from the blog, you know the deal. Oh yeah, spoiler alert, if that even applies to anyone at this point. This part covers episodes 1-3 You should also note that anything from the Light Novel is invalid, as these are ANIME Sins. Enjoy~

1. Kazuto does not bid farewell to his sister/cousin/big-breasted supporting character, whom he owes so much to. I think he's gonna regret that later... don't you?

2. So, Kirito's explaining the "Sword Skill" concept Klein, right? Kirito says that you have to activate a “Sword Skill” at the right time when attacking. However, in his example, he uses a rock. Later in the anime, things like knives, and even fists are used with these “Sword Skills.” Heck, that one guy even has an AXE has his main weapon. What’s the point in it being a “Sword Skill” when you don’t even need a sword to use it, and if you can get things like an axe…. who’s to say you can’t get other weapons, and that some people might even prefer them over a sword? If this is possible, then there are WAY too many people with swords. I mean, yeah, it’s “SWORD Art Online” but that’s all the more reason there should still be somewhat some exclusiveness to what weapons they can carry.

3. Kirito claims there are an "unlimited" amount of skills in the game. If this is true, then there is no way Heathcliff, despite being the game's creator can know about all of them. So why would it even be programmed this way? I mean this is a hindrance to his plans.

4. Okay, so he's trapped them in a death game. What about the government? I suppose you could counter saying that because he too was in the game, they couldn’t make him but… there should’ve been some other people/ways to fix it. I mean, even if he didn’t have anyone else helping he should’ve had notes and programs, that the government could get. All in all, Japanese government must suck.

5. So, they all got moved back to their original selves. Yes, there’s the joke about the girl being a guy but, for the rest of the anime the percentages of who’s there are way off what it should be. This is what it should be, and I’m being generous: 50% Adolescent, Horny/Nerdy Males, 25% Males that are decent individuals because their either kids wanted to play the RPG, or just a rare exception, like Kirito, 25% Females. Of all types.

6. So, Kayaba made the world for the sole purpose of ruling over it. Villain is too lazy to take over the world so he makes his own. Clever, but lazy.

7. ”I’ve been a fan of his for a while, so I know everything he just said is true.” -Kirito

Villain was once Hero’s idol cliche.

8.Oh, look, an after credit scene in the first episode, that probably no one watched. I know I didn’t the first time around. Also, Kayaba’s going to hell.

9. The exposition of episode two renders episode one’s end credit scene useless. Guess I really didn’t have to watch it then. Huh.

10. ”It’s been one month, and we still haven’t figured out where the boss’s lair is.”  -Kirito

Okay… Kirito claimed he got to floor 8 in the beta. So I’m guessing they moved the lair from in the beta? Damn. Kayaba’s a dick.

11. Kirito teaches Asuna how to make some food taste better. Then Asuna goes and becomes a master chef. Kirito is sexist.

12. The boss is a Kangaroo. And it’s red… RACISM! THERE ARE TYPES OF KANGAROOS OTHER THAN RED ONES!

13. Diabel’s death makes Kirto realize how much of a selfish D-bag he is. Does he do anything about it? No.

14. *Agil Saves Asuna and Kirito from the boss* BLACK MAN TO THE RESCUE! THIS IS NOT A SIN, THIS IS AMAZING! Oh wait… he used the axe… So yeah, it’s a sin. Sorry Agil. :(

15. ”You let Diabel die!”  -Kibaou

Okay, in what way did he let Diabel die? He was busy with the minions, and TOLD him to not fight the boss himself. What’s more, is he tried to heal him, but Diabel just didn’t let him! And regarding Kibaou’s claim that he knew what the boss would do, that was false; Kirito knew what the weapon was, but there is no evidence supporting he knew the technique. In fact, there is more evidence against it as he says to himself, “This isn’t like the beta!”

16. “So you guys think I used to be a beta tester. It’s not cool to put me in the same class with those noobs… During the beta, I made it to floors that were higher than any of the testers. That’s a fact.”  -Kirito

So… Kirito justifies for being an asshole by being a bigger asshole. M’kay. Still seems to me that he could’ve explained to them how it wasn’t entirely his fault… but okay.

17. ”He’s a beta tester and a cheater; he’s a beater!”  -Random Player 

“Beater” Really? REALLY?! Couldn’t come up with a better name? Heck, I’d just call him an asshole.

18. So, the Moonlit Black Cats never heard of the Beater Kirito? I mean, later we find out the leader knows what a Beater is, and Kirito was the original Beater, who announced his name to Asuna, in front of everyone in the boss battle. Yet, these people haven’t heard of him.

19. So Klein is excited about seeing Kirito and worries for him. So he didn’t hear about Kirito being an asshole either, eh?

20. ”...I promise I’ll protect all of you”  -Kirito, referring to the Moonlit Black Cats

Now Kirito, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

””But those are the best kind.”  -Peter Parker, in The Amazing Spiderman


21. ”You give infobrokers a bad name”  -Kirito, to Argo

Oh look an infobroker! I wonder if she’ll appear ever again, or play any sort of role!

22. Klein holds off the Holy Dragon Alliance so that Kirito can go on and get the revival item. Klein is awesome. I mean, why should he care about this guy? Yeah he helped him in the beginning, but he also ditched him and his friends… Klein is a great guy. That or, he’s gay for Kirito.

23. Kirito gives Klein the revival item. Will he ever use it? Your guess is as good as mine.

24. When Kirito cries, his tears seem to for bubbles on the table. That should not be possible. I mean I know it’s a virtual world…. But I’m going to call this one out anyways cuz why not.

Sin Tally Thus far: 24

Well... that was fun, and time-consuming! So I'll continue with this, and see how far I get!

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