"Nyeh Squidward" for 10 hours10:00:01

"Nyeh Squidward" for 10 hours


DJ is a 20 year old Human/Saiyan who was born on Earth. Shockingly enough, last time DJ checked, he was on like, the moon or something. Anyways, he started to venture out and started discovering new things to do, and a lot of ways to cause trouble. 


DJ is an arrogant, sort of laid back person. He often is sarcastic and really immature. He often tends to use this sarcastic trait to cause mass mayhem.


  • Sleeping
  • Partying (in a non sexual way, unless that's the way you want to take it, in that case, partying)
  • Not being smart
  • Drinking orange soda (who doesn't like orange soda?)
  • Breaking 4th walls (or just brick ones) 

DJ's Auto Document 

Alright to whoever is seeing this right now, hi. Continuing on, I hate boredom. Honestly. Also, I feel like drugs are a waste of time. Just watch Teletubbies on the same screen as a Dubstep music video. That's your LSD. Anyways, I'm gonna make this short and simple. So yeah, bye.

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