Biological Info
Name Conner
Race Human
Gender *checks* yep, male
Date of Birth December 15th
Age 15
Height 5'9
Weight 155lbs
Current Location some where probably, no where maybe
Likes stuff probably
Dislikes different stuff probably
Controlled by Conner
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Conner is a 15 year old human male. He is the jinchuriki of the Yang half of Kurama. He is the main RP character of Freezing-Soul. 


He was born on earth in a fairly large village. His parents were from two rival clans, and their marriage was a sign of peace between them. Because of that, Conner was a very important child, and the Yang half of Kurama was sealed inside of him. Despite basically being royalty, everyone always treated him like an outcast, because of the beast sealed inside him. He rarely ever left his home, and secluded himself away from everything.  The only times he ever left was when his father forced him to train. His family basically treated him like a tool for power, and never truly loved him. Eventually, he got tired of this, and fled from his village. He found one of the portals to this world while fleeing, and considered it a perfect way to get away from his past life, so he entered it, and wound up here.


Conner is a very quiet person, rarely speaking. This comes from his complete lack of social interaction growing up, so he has absolutely no idea how to talk to people. He often says very blunt things and ends up insulting people on accident. He is also very closed, and never talks about himself, and always hides his feelings. Despite all this, he does tend to joke pretty often, and can be quite sarcastic. 


Conner has long, spiky, black colored hair, with pupil-less onyx eyes. He is slightly below average height, but is fairly muscular. He wears a simple black shirt, with a purpleish gray colored, uchiha style high collared t-shirt jacket thingie over it. He has a necklace with the Uchiha symbol on it, as well as a gray bracelet on one of his wrists. He wears red pants, with wrappings on his left leg. His shoes are blue in color, and come up fairly high.



Chakra Enhanced Physical Ability (Basically gives super strength and speed)

Body Flicker

Lightning Flash Blade Creation 

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu




Tailed Beast Abilities

Advanced healing, chakra levels, endurance and stamina (passive ability)


Sharingan (not yet obtained)


Initial Jinchuriki Form




Fuma Shuriken

Paper Bombs


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