Central City
Central City
Some attributes
First Planet: Earth
Second Locations:
Third Neighboring Regions:
Other attributes
Fourth Known Residents
  • Bulla
  • Ian
  • Steve
  • Miricle
  • Charlie
  • Drake
  • John

Central City is the main capital of Earth.


Central City is of the largest city on earth with the largest population. The city is the home of King Furry; like West City, it is a wealthy location.

Known Residents

Cities West CityCentral CitySouth CityFuture Central City
Stores/Restaurants Charlie's CaféMama PeppehThe Dollar StoreClub EnvySTAG/Ladies Night OutCocoa SeahouseThe Lucky777Victoria's Success
Landscapes Hot Shot BeachCocoa BeachKai JunglePrickly Desert
Houses/Hotels Bulla's HouseAaron's Amazing ApartmentsBulla's House (Central City)Miricle's HouseNikad's HouseThe 69th BedCapsule CorpKoakuma's HouseCapsule House

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