Bloodridden is a fanfiction made by LukaCat. Read at your own risk.


Cul as a kid wasn't too...normal, you could say. She was a mastermind when it came to mathmatics but when it came to the other classes..not so good. She wasn't the type to flee from home, though. She was a strong puppy. On the outside anyways. A few people liked her, but she didn't claim to have any friends. Did she like them? Who knows.

Her parents noticed when Cul was at a younger age, that when they would watch movies, and sad scenes..she would laugh. She tried to hold it in though. Trying to figure out why though, wasn't easy.

As she became a teen and started maturing more, and I say more because she never acted silly. Anyways, her father was a carpenter and had lots of tools in the garage. She liked to think back to those times, when he was alive. He died from a heart attack, of course she was sad, but... they weren't that close..

Chapter 1

She walked into the garage where her father used to do his work. Looking at the tools on the wall, she picked on the rust that was growing on a wrench. It was weird rust though...really thick to be exact. She went and grabbed a pair of scissors, and cut it open. She shut her eyes, but she felt something. It was warm, and it smelled funny. Opening up her eyes, she saw blood on her hands, and her cheek. She took the wrench, without even bothering to clean up, and went over to the table. "I wonder what he would do with this.."

She heard the door open from the inside. "Cul? I'm home". It was her mother's voice, so she quickly grabbed a cloth and wiped the blood off her face and ran inside the house. "Sorry," she said, "is there something you wanted?" TO BE CONTINUED

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