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This wiki is all about using your creative minds to your best ability. You can submit your art, write fan fictions, chat, and etc. You can help this wiki grow with editing and adding pages. You can also create your own characters. This Wiki also has a big role-play community.

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Winged Wolf Cub Color by feELwiCKed922

He is very adorable and sweet, but he's also very lecherous.


He is an adorable small winged wolf with big blues eyes and luscious gray fur. He also wears a blue collar that Bulla gave him to show her ownership of him.


Drake is a sweet little guy who can be mischievous. He likes to eat (mostly meat) a lot. He also likes to get lots of attention, especially from women. He also is very lecherous and has a secret desire to make Bulla his girl ( and also to have his way with her) , for example: peeping on Bulla when she's in the hot springs or taking a shower/bath. He tries to snuggle up with any beautiful woman that he meets. He tries to hide his lecherous side with the cuteness of his big blue eyes. Only one person can see his lecherous ways. He's also very lazy and hates going outside for walks. He also has a hatred for cats. It is also revealed that he can talk, and often is very sarcastic when around Steve. ( more)

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Message from BullaBrief101:

I'm BullaBrief101 aka Bulla. I am known as the "Goddess of the Wiki" or BOSS cause I started the Wiki, but without my friends everything right now wouldn't have happened and I thank you all :). Anyways, I'll be on chat most of the time or if you need anything please pm me or leave a message on my talk page Adios!~

Message from Stevenduncan17:

Hi I'm Stevenduncan17 aka Steve or Gang. I'm also the Sharp Eye cause I like to watch over chat and make sure thing runs smoothly. I'm a Bureaucrat/admin/chat mod so please if you need anything contact me at my talk page.

Message from Miricle1778:

Hey, I'm Miricle1778, aka 'Miri' by others. I am an admin on this wiki. I am also mostly seen on chat. If I'm NOT on chat and something goes wrong, don't be afraid to leave me a message on my talk page. Hope you have a great time on the Anime Arts wiki!

Message from Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl:

Hello there, I am Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl, known as "MOG" by most. As you can tell, I am an administrator here at anime-arts wiki, so I am open to any questions/concerns you may have. Remember to PIMP IT!

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Although I DO wonder what would happen if a White person and a Black person had a baby? -User:Video King

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Bulla and steve wedding

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