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Biological Info
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Age 34 (Death)
Height 5'7
Weight secret
Current Location Unknown
Likes Magic, her Yokai Lord husband, her daughters, magic, strawberries, wine, reading, peace
Dislikes killing, being taken away from her loved ones
Controlled by Bulla
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Agatha アガサ is the former Lady of the Underworld, ex wife of a yokai lord, and mother of Bulla and Lilith.


Not much is known about Agatha, but according to Bulla, she was a very caring woman who was also dutiful to her home. She was also very creative with her magic and practiced spells in her spare time. She also shares her daughter's fascination for reading novels, wine, and strawberries. Even depressed, she would always stay optimistic for her daughters.


Agatha was a vampire born and raised in the underworld. All her life, she had to train to become the soon wife of a lord of the underworld. She fell deeply in love with the lord and
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Agatha and young Bulla

vise versa. At age 18, she gave birth to Bulla and then soon to Lilith years later. Few years after Lilith's birth, Agatha accidently witnessed an execution of a human man. She was later kidnapped along with her daughter's and taken to Florence, Italy due to witnessing the murder. She soon went to school to become a doctor to help humans all around the world. On Bulla's sixteenth birthday, Agatha was murdered by a few men from the town due to the
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accusations of her being a witch because of her magic practices. Her final words were for daughters was to take care and be optimistic before perishing. This led to her daughters' hatred of humans.


Agatha was a woman with bright pink hair and red eyes. As a wife of a noble, she'd always wear modest Victorian dresses.

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