MOG: Hello people, and welcome to another installment of...


With Bulla and MOG

Bulla: Hi, I am Bulla  

MOG: And our special guest






Bulla: Steveduncan17

Steve: MOG I will cut your oenis off


Bulla: Oenis?

MOG: I’m sorry, I don’t know what an oenis is

Bulla: :O *googles it*

Steve: MOG you have a fagina 

MOG: Okay, so, yes. We're starting special guests. Just cuz.

Bulla:  Oenis:  A viral infection which causes the penis to turn into an O. The viral infection is contracted and spread through sexual contact with an infected individual. Symptoms may include swelling of the genitals, course reddish bumps, discoloration of the genitals, and a burning sensation while urinating.

MOG: Well then

Bulla: THAT’S an oenis

Steve: Why am I here?

MOG: Because Bulla wanted you

Bulla: You’re sexy, Steven ;D

I want you in my room....

MOG: So first part of the show. Let’s try to stump each other with questions

Steve: You are so getting it later

Bulla: Oh yeah ;D

MOG: Or we could just make a BullaxSteve sex tape

Bulla: NO!




You try to ask a question

Steve: I already made one

MOG: ...Steve, can you ask a question like trivia riddles or something?

Bulla: Bring it on!

Steve: Yeah sure

MOG: Tell us when you’re ready

Steve: Ready

Bulla: Go ahead

MOG: Shoot

Steve: What happens after a male honey bee has intercourse

MOG: Does it like... sting the Vagina of the female bee?

Bulla: No idea...

Steve: Its testicles explode and it dies


Bulla: o.o

MOG: That happens with most insects right?

Bulla: Haha.....

MOG: Reproduction kills them

Bulla: Sad

MOG: After Butterflies lay eggs, they die

Steve: Pretty much

MOG: Anyways, Bulla do you have a question hopefully less depressing?

Bulla: Yes

MOG: Shoot

Bulla: Steve....are you free this Saturday night?

MOG: Great question

Steve: I am pretty

MOG: Okay my turn

Bulla: Shoot

MOG: What is the closest two things can be?

Steve: Alike

MOG: What?

Steve: The closest to things can be is alike the same two of a kind

MOG: I mean like physically

What's the closest you've ever been to another thing?

Steve: Inside

MOG: So touching it right?

when you're inside you're touching it

Steve: Pretty much

MOG: That’s correct... or is it?

Steve: It is MOG

MOG: Well, two things can't literally touch, but... okay, that's a story for another day

~Bulla lags due to Steve’s sexyness~

MOG: Anyways, moving on.

Let's talk about NEWS!

Steve: MOG Im gonna need you to leave the set for a second


Bulla: WB MOG

MOG: Uh okay thanks xD

Steve: Hey

MOG:So let's start with news on the wiki

and what better way to find out what's happened

than screenshots

Well uh here's a list of things that have been screen shotted:

Bulla:Let’s see em

Steve: we got rp week

MOG:1.I said jeice has a small thingerthanger

2.Josh loves Rebekah

3.Miri likes to do things cause its fun

4.Miri and I don't know why were were doing "that"

Steve: 5. Me and Bulla had another kid

Bulla: Oh and... Isa’s a fucking cow

MOG: 6.Bulla likes knowing where Ezio lives

Bulla: WHAT? O.O

...Oh that

MOG: 7.Neko is gay with Quack (duh)

Bulla: Sick

MOG: 8.I love those thongs

Bulla: You sure do

MOG: 9.Defender of Mankind failed to "end" Miri

Steve: 10. Mog should shut up

MOG: 10.Miri laughs at any sentence including the word "pussy"




news about... that scary place called, "The Real World"

Bulla: :O


Its so scary!

MOG: Blackberry shares plummeted..


Steve: I saw that  


Steve: Its cause all the smart phones

Bulla: :O

*slaps MOG*

MOG: and people are still investigating the whole ricin letter to Obama


Bulla: Idk

MOG: Anyhoozle


Steve: Oh Wii U making games?

Bulla: Wii U is not that popular

Steve: or burning of a KFC?

MOG: xD No, not THAT interesting

Steve: Im gonna buy one for the LOL

MOG: "Facebook to make sure your ad doesn't pop up next to sex toys"

...Should I click on that?

Bulla: Hmmmm

Think, what are they showing to you?


Bulla: You do know

Tell us all!

MOG: Eh if people want to know I'll put the full article somewhere

I'm not clicking that >.>'

Steve: Oh lets end this already *grabs Bulla*

Bulla: Ok, goodnight everyone, thanks for joining us  

MOG: Well thank you special guest, Steve Duncan

So, yeah see you next time.

Steve: Peace Im gonna go bang this girl

Bulla: G'NIGHT

Full FB Sex Toy article:

Next time, we plan on doing a Q&A section at the beginning rather than our trivia thing. Leave questions in the comments!

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