Chapter Three: Agent M?, Lady of 17

Joseph Lynn returned back to his sector headquarters feeling more nervous than ever. He feared that an invasion will be coming soon to this city; he wasn't even sure if this city was ready for it. Joseph's parents died twenty years ago because of a demon invasion; they were soldiers spending days and nights keeping the city protected.

Joseph sighed simply because he was tired and stressed. Much crap has been on his plate lately. In the last fifteen years, there were no invasions, but now no one was sure.

As soon as he returned to his desk, he stood on top of it like what Elucimen told him to do. He raised his hands up high even though he thought it was stupid.

"Feel the power...feel the power....feel the damn power!" he repetitively whispered. The sliding door to the office suddenly opened because of someone wanting to see the boss man.

Bulla was walking in a determined look on her face. "Hey sir,I-..." she started to say, before noticing her boss standing on his desk; it was never normal for him because he was more of a strict and stern person.

Joseph felt embarrassed, the fact that his employee saw him like this made him look bad.

"NEVER SPEAK OF THIS TO ANYONE!" he shouted out then covered his mouth. Bulla just nodded her head slowly.

"Ooooooooookayyyyy" she agreed." was the meeting?" she asked.

Her boss signed. "Interesting I guess..." he replied.

"What's so interesting about?" Bulla asked as she sat down on a small chair, in front of the desk, facing her boss.

Joseph sighed again. "Well....we saw your fight with the creature possessing the thief like some demon. The police even questioned the thief about the creature and rumor has it that there's more out there....." he explained.


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